Our Vision

Our Vision


Introduction Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru wanted all the Indians to inculcate a scientific temper. Article 51A of our Constitution states “development of scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform” as one of the fundamental duties. MBIT’s vision is inspired by this thought and intends to work to accomplish this task.


To become an institution of international standards in the field of technological thought leadership, thus, creating a platform which is an efficient amalgamation of knowledge traditions, innovative ideas and technological excellence. The aim is to facilitate every citizen in his or her endeavor to inculcate scientific temper.


MBIT believes that scientific temper is the source of all technological thoughts and actions. If inculcated in every citizen, it has the potential to turn India in to a fully developed nation.

Values and Core Principles
Human Approach
Making Student Centric Policies
Empowering Researchers and Faculty Members
Developing World Class Human Resources
Creating State-of-the-art Systems and Processes
Engaging all Stakeholders
Uplifting Socially and Economically Backward Communities