Our Mission

Our Mission


MBIT aspires to become a leading stakeholder in an economy, which is ever evolving. The idea or the motive is to create an institution that provides educational opportunities in the field of science, engineering and technology.


MBIT’s aspires to gain recognition as one of the leading centers of learning in field of technical education. We also aspire to achieve the following motives;
To impart technical knowledge using educational tools and methods that have an edge over others;
Making Student Centric Policies
To develop a course curriculum that is industry oriented;
To prepare our students to take up real life challenges;
To promote a culture of academic freedom and innovation;
To encourage independent research and business consultancy in the faculty members;
To bring out the hidden entrepreneur in every student and,
To develop interest in the concept of use of technology for social advancement.
MBIT has divided its priorities into three major categories for convenience of execution.

To define physical characteristics of MBIT
A world class campus
The MBIT campus is designed in a way that is bound to leave every onlooker in awe of its structural expanse. The 13 acre campus in Forbesganj will be inclusive of modular class-rooms, laboratories, libraries, conference rooms, other educational tools, residential quarters, hostels, recreation and sports facilities and a fully equipped auditorium.
An Innovation Centre
MBIT will have an Innovation Centre which is expected to be more like a knowledge lab where ideas will be tested on the basis of their technical and economic feasibility. The best out of these ideas will be marketed through the business partners of MBIT.
A Centre of Excellence
The MBIT campus will also be home to a Centre of Excellence which will be one of the very few such centers in India at present.
To define academic characteristics of MBIT
This will be accomplished through:
Collaborating with the best institutions from all over the world.
Working in accordance to the guidance of the experts in respective fields.
Experimenting without any compromise on originality and innovation.
To define the human resource characteristics of MBIT

This will be done by:
Employing prospective aspirants in a sustainable manner.
Laying down effective employment policies
Proving the right means to the bright minds to make the best use of their potentials.
Action Plan

As per the schedule, the first batch of the MBIT will start in the academic year 2012-2013, and the construction work of the project begins in December 2010.