About Moti Babu

About Moti Babu


Late Shri Moti Lal Das (1948 – 2009) or Moti Babu as he was fondly called, is still in the minds and hearts of people of Mirdaul village in Forbesganj. His personality and jovial nature has made him unforgettable. His life’s dharma was to serve. He believed that service to mankind is service to god. A true ‘Karmayogi’, he is an inspiration for all of us. His family members treat this virtue of Moti Babu as a legacy that they have received from him.

Being a just man, he always stood by the idea of justice, peace and equality. He lived a noble life and devoted his life to help anyone and everyone in need. A man who was deeply religious as well as spiritual he was always opposed to the differences of caste, creed and religion. Moti Babu was a good listener as well as a keen observer. Virtues of sympathy and care came naturally to him.

Moti Babu phenomenal organizational capabilities and natural leadership skills.

He accepted all with an open heart. For, he stood for the ideas of justice, peace and equality. Anybody and everybody who went to him did not come back empty handed. He simply could not disappoint anybody or any noble cause. He was equal in his treatment of rich as well as poor.

A deeply religious man, he kept his spirituality above everything. People from every walk of life stand witness to the fact that Moti Babu did not let any such factor like caste, religion or economic background influence or colour his decision to serve them.

Moti Babu listened to everyone with equal attention. Virtues of empathy and care came naturally to him. And his commitment to help those who were in need was doubted by no one.

Even today, Moti Babu stands tall amongst great people from this region of the country. MBIT is a small acknowledgement for his efforts in making this region a better place to live in.